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Episode 67: Nick Berry on Origin’s Ambisonic Acquisition

This week, Nick Berry joins the podcast from Las Vegas, where he is CEO of Origin Acoustics. Origin is the loudspeaker company co-founded back in 2014 by Jeremy Burkhardt, the former CEO of the beloved audio brand SpeakerCraft. Nick might be best described as the Yin to Jeremy’s Yang, but they’re both equally savvy businesspeople and motivational leaders who are highly respected for what they bring to the industry. Origin recently announced its acquisition of high-performance audio brand Ambisonic Systems and a new agreement to serve as co-distributor of Amina Sound, a leading manufacturer of invisible loudspeakers out of the UK.


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Episode 66: Bill Skaer on the Advantages of In-Person Industry Events

This week, Bill Skaer joins us from Dallas, Texas, where he is CEO of Bill Skaer Home Theater and Technology. Bill is one of the pioneers of the CEDIA, custom integration community, and he currently serves on the trade association’s global board of directors. Bill’s dedication to the industry has earned him both a CEDIA Fellow and CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award and he’s one of the friendliest people in the residential tech business. In this discussion, he and Jeremy Glowacki share their positive experiences at CEDIA Expo 2021 and thoughts on the future of in-person events. Bill also recalls how working in his dad’s TV store at the age of 11 influenced his future in home tech.

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Episode 65: Aaron Emigh on Brilliant Home Control

On this week’s podcast is Aaron Emigh joins us from San Mateo, California, where he is CEO of Brilliant, the company he co-founded in 2015 as a mass-market solution for home control and home automation. You may know Brilliant as the company with the sleek all-in-one on-wall user interface, with side-by-side touchscreen and touch slider lighting dimmers that can be installed anywhere that there’s a standard light switch. Brilliant recently earned $40-million-dollar Series B financing that will allow the company to expand its product offerings and double down on its sales strategy for single-family home builders, multifamily developers, property managers, and professional integrators.

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