Episode 40: Amanda Wildman Talks Cabling and Infrastructure Testing Certification

In this episode, Residential Tech Today Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki chats with Amanda Wildman, co-owner of TruMedia, a custom integration firm located in Ada, MI. Amanda and her husband Ponch founded their company in 2003, but Amanda might be the more “industry famous” of the two of them, thanks to her passionate dedication to the CEDIA Cabling and Infrastructure Testing Certification commission and her role on the board of directors over the past year. This discussion focuses on Wildman’s insights on smart home industry trends, the story of what drew her toward a career in tech, and what you should know about the newest CEDIA certification exam.

Learn more about TruMedia at http://www.trumediahome.com/
Contact Amanda Wildman at awildman@trumediahome.com
Check out Josh.ai’s Emerging Trends 2021 Panel at https://youtu.be/MkOjcXLn4d8

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