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Episode 11: Livewire’s Henry Clifford Meets Clients Where They Want to be Met

In this episode, Residential Tech Today Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki talks with Henry Clifford, CEO of Livewire, a custom integration firm based in Richmond, VA. When he’s not writing tech articles and product reviews for Residential Tech Today, Henry is guiding his quarantined employees and essential in-the-field techs through the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic hurdles by meeting clients where they want to be met and appreciating their business.

Watch this episode: https://youtu.be/rvJDya6D0CY

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Episode 9: Thoughtful Integrations’ Joe Whitaker has a Post-Quarantine Plan

Even while we’re all hunkered down with quarantine orders across North America, Joe Whitaker seems to be anywhere and everywhere (at least virtually). In this episode, Residential Tech Today Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki talks with the President of Thoughtful Integrations in the St. Louis and Dallas markets about his weekly Facebook Live video broadcasts, where he addresses both the concerns of custom integration business owners as well as the concerns of his smart home client base, looking for advice on keeping their home networks and entertainment systems humming, while hunkered down during this unprecedented time. Joe offers insights into his own best practices as he continues to work in the field during the COVID-19 quarantine, as well as an intriguing e-commerce concept that he’s developing to provide guided-install technologies for his clients.

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