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Episode 24: John Sciacca is President of the No-Shirts Club

In this episode, Residential Tech Today Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki chats with one of his favorite custom home tech writers who, in his day job, is co-owner of Custom Theater & Audio in Myrtle Beach, SC. In this especially candid conversation, Jeremy and his good friend John recall how they met while on a trip to Microsoft headquarters, how they ended up rooming together at trade shows and discovered a shared fandom for Taylor Swift and Disney World. Eventually, they discuss smart home trends, as well.

Visit to learn more, visit https://www.customtheaterandaudio.com/ and check out John’s articles at www.residentialsystems.com.

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Episode 5 – Joe Perry Rocks the House


Hall of Fame rocker Joe Perry of Aerosmith is used to being in the spotlight, with his cover feature in Residential Tech Today providing a brand new chance to shine. In this episode of Residential Tech Talks, Perry discusses home technology and his recent creative projects.

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